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How kind of you to ask. My name is Adam. I was born in the 80's. I started drumming in the 90's. Well, I had a toy drum kit in the 80's but I would classify that more as just banging around.

In fact, I preferred playing with wooden chopsticks over actual drumsticks at the time. When I was away from that luxurious setup, I would beat on pillows with wooden dowel rods my grandfather crafted into drum sticks, and record improvised songs onto cassette tape.

In 1991, I heard an album by a band named Pearl Jam, called "Ten" that made me want to try playing drums "for real."

A couple years later, I got a piano black Pearl Export drum set for Christmas (thanks mom and dad!) and I was off to the races. I co-founded my first band within the next few months and we began performing live (in front of real live people!).

Along with that came the necessity to record, which ended up being mostly rehearsals at that point, but whenever the possibility of recording a live performance became available, I'd jump at the opportunity. In the early days, those recordings were a good way to listen back and take notes about what needed improvement, but I was also starting to unwittingly build an archive of my life in music.

Stereo cassettes gave way to 4-track Tascam recorders, which led to recording in studios with ADAT machines; the next thing I knew I had my own computer with a CD burner and a portable MiniDisc recorder. Fast forward to the present, and now I have my own DAW setup in my home.

I've played drums for numerous bands at this point and made friends with a plethora of other talented musicians and bands along the way.

Now, after having spent the last 15 years or so learning about audio engineering and mixing, I have this fairly large backlog of recorded material that's taking up storage space in a U-Haul box. It's time to get all this material "out there" in the real world, into the aether, but there's not exactly a huge market for this music (or so I'd think), so sharing it here for free seems to make the most sense to me. It will take some time to go back through all the CD-R's, MiniDiscs, and Cassettes; some will need a little more help than others in the form of audio processing or "remastering,' but I'll do my best to keep updating the site in regular intervals.

In the summer of 2016, I wasn't gigging or working on any recording projects, so I began working on a collection of cover songs. I recorded each instrument and voice part for each song separately, often deciphering each part by ear. Then I would mix & master each song, create a music video from random b-roll videos from around the internet, and add it to my YouTube channel. What began as a fun way to occupy my spare time became not only a valuable learning experience, but bore other unexpected results: I actually ended up playing drums for two of the artists' songs I covered. It's an interesting but intimidating way to make friends.


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